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"One Love, One Heart" has been used in many different songs, books, and poems, because it describes that we as a whole human, animal, and plant race are in this experience together as one.

We all breathe the same air, we all drink the same water, we all need the sun and we all share this beautiful planet called Earth. The same lifeforce that keeps us alive individually is the same lifeforce that binds the whole universe together. We all have red blood and are all made of the same stuff, Stardust. We may have different physical traits, depending on where our ancestors evolved from, and we are all in it together. 

This name and T-shirt came about during COVID-19 when everyone on the planet was going through something together as one trying to do our best during this time.


In Quebec, where I live, people made a symbol of a rainbow, and it said below” ca va bien aller “ which means everything will be OK, in the future that is, meaning when the pandemic is over, or whatever else needs to be done before things are OK or good. (could be years.)

So I drew the sunshine that is feeling perfect right now with his warm rays and smile understanding that at this moment everything is perfect and if it isn’t and I can do something about it then I change it if I can’t do anything about it then I accept what is knowing that I can’t do anything about it. It is understanding that this is the only moment that will ever exist, yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow isn’t here so now it’s all that exists.

I took the colours of the rainbow to write, Everything is perfect or “ca va bien” meaning now everything is good instead of the future. Basically, I transformed the rainbow into the sun and the message is live now Good, don’t wait for something to happen until U feel good know that this moment is all that exists, and that will ever exist.


I know that everyone is going through or has gone through or will go through hard times believe me, I have had my share and still am, and these are the perfect most important times to apply the saying it is to know that this, too shall pass, and in the meantime, I have endurance. I am resilient to what is. I must accept or I try to change it. oing against something if it cannot be changed, only makes us suffer more. To accept it makes us become one with it. Whether sickness, death, relationships, finances, etc. if we can’t change it, accept it, if we can change it, then now is the time to do something. Transitioning is a constant factor in being a human, we are constantly changing and we need to adapt or accept or change with it. The law of the universe is that everything changes all the time. Love does not belong to anyone, It just is, is it a State of being? If we all understood this truth, we would act as one, whole entity, there would be much less suffering.


If you are going through difficult times in your life or you are transitioning into a new phase of your life and would like to change something or learn to accept what is, please go to this website “". It will be my pleasure to help you through it and give you tools to make things easier to live through.

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